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Hoaloha! This lovely Hawaiian word means simply, “friend”. And it is in the spirit of friendship that our line of swimsuits came into being. Floating ideas around while keeping their feet pressed firmly in the sand, the young women of Hoaloha learned the importance of being supportive and proudly accepting of one another.

Our bikinis are specially designed for those with a sense of adventure who are looking for something original. With this idea in mind, Juliette Prud’homme decided to create the brand Hoaloha Style. It was a big adventure for a girl from the North to head for the beaches, and an even greater one to launch a new line of swimsuits.

Our swimsuits are handmade in Montreal, allowing us to ensure that top quality is always maintained. Italian Lycra is the material of choice for our bikinis, which are designed and made by local young women.

nā nalu o ka hauʻoli

Wave of happiness